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  5. "What is your age?"

"What is your age?"

Translation:Wat is jouw leeftijd?

August 12, 2014



"welke leeftijd heb jij" is wrong. Why?


Because you can't say that in Dutch, just like in English you can't say "What age do you have?". It's the French who phrase it like that.


You know what? I once tried to use this exact phrase in REAL LIFE speech. I asked my Dutch friends, "wat is jouw leeftijd". They were a bit shocked and then they laughed at me. They said "we hope, our life time is at least 90 years or more". It was like I asked them, when they are going to die. When they heard this expression, they thought I was interested how many years their life will last. So, better don't use this phrase, if you don't want to pass for a wierdo. Just use "hoe oud ben je?" instead.


What is the equivalent for "how old are you" in Dutch?


A good way to remember age is leeftijd. Leef is life and tijd is time so time on this earth.


Can someone remind me the difference between jou and jouw? Like "you" and "your"?


Exactly! "jouw" is a possessive pronoun.


Why can't you use "Welke is jouw leeftijd?"


That would be saying "Which is your age?" As if we could choose, but sadly, we cant choose our age. ;)


You can't use 'welke' there, but you could say 'Wat is jouw leeftijd?'


Why can't one use "u" when using a formal response? "u" is returned as incorrect stating that "uw" should be used? My understanding is that "u" is correct(?).


In this sentence you need to use the possessive form, which is "uw" (formal "your").


Is has to be 'Hoe oud ben jij'


Leeftijd sounds to me like the life expectancy. 'Wat is jouw leeftijd' sounds like vwhat is your expiration date '

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