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"Real German from the Web"

Websites offered for translations from inside lessons more often than not don't have a single sentence which could give me points ON THAT LESSON... Then, why are they proposed there? I'd like to master some day some of those old lessons and find it more interesting if I don't have to 'Refresh' again and again.....

August 20, 2012

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To me, translating texts (websites) is not so much training the skill it has been attached to. It is more a general training in how things are done in the language you are learning. DuoLingo does not have the repetitive exercises for training a special skill you know from school. I don't mind so much, but I can understand your disappointment. If it is about grammar, you can find all sorts of websites with exercises. Hoping I type it right: french.about.com/od/francophonie/u/practiceperfect.htm .

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