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Whitelist for URLs

Has anyone requested a whitelist of URLs from DuoLingo? Before I start setting up my classroom, I'll need to have our IT department whitelist everything the students will need to access. Just testing the waters to see if I'm alone in this, or if it's something others have also needed. Thanks!

August 4, 2020





when you install browser addons like "uBlock Origin" and "uMatrix" you will see on a more detailed level what different domains Duolingo is polling html and Javascript resources from.

There is way more usage than only the www.duolingo.com domain!


You should be able to whitelist *.duolingo.com which will give them access to the website. Duolingo also stores images and sentence audio on other servers, so you will have to whitelist duolingo-images.s3.amazonaws.com and *.cloudfront.net as well which will allow them to complete lessons.


AmyLeighBe1, could you please tell me what "whitelist" means? Thank you!


You know how a firewall keeps people out of your network?
The whitelist is a way to explicitly say who you will allow in and out.
It allows network traffic to flow between you (your school computers and network) and Duolingo if you put the Duolingo domains in the whitelist.


Thank you, Lrtward! Fortunately, my district hasn't said anything to me...yet. It's probably a matter of time, huh?

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