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Iphone app, completed lessons not registering?

I'm having an increasing problem with the Iphone app Italian when I'm completing lessons but then when I go back to the tree they're showing as uncompleted. The last one I've done four times and it's still not registering. The only way to get past it is to go on via the laptop, complete the lesson then go back to the phone. Is this a common problem?

May 17, 2013



Hi, are you doing the lessons offline or online? If you are doing them offline or your connection is unstable, the lessons may not register until you get a stable internet connection on your device.


Hi Karint, online and the connection here is Italy is pretty poor. How do you do it offline?


Hi Italiarsenal - when you use the Duolingo iPhone app and have an internet connection, the app will automatically try to download about an hour's worth of lessons that you can do offline if you lose connection. So, to try offline mode, turn off your connection after having the app online a bit. You should notice a few available lessons (while the rest are faded out). Once you complete these, the next time you go online, all of your progress should be sent to Duolingo and your tree will update on the site and the phone. Let me know if that works better for you!


it's happening on my computer too and it's definitely got internet

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