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Timed Practice (Spanish DL)

I purchased a "Timed Practice" with my hard-earned lingots and I am now told I am "equipped" with it but unlike, say the Idioms feature which I could then access I cannot see how I do a timed practice exercise at all. There is nothing I can see to click on. Any ideas?

August 12, 2014



https://www.duolingo.com/practice You don't see an option for time practice there?


Thanks for reply mi amigo. I can follow this link on my PC but was unsure how to do it in normal course of events.


As Rocko says, when you do a lesson or revision from the web, you get the option to do a timed practice or an untimed practice (normal option). AFAIK, you cannot do a timed practice in any of the apps.


Thanks very much. I have been using Duo primarily on a tablet where it seems to use more of a phone app. The opportunity to "strengthen" a skill is presented differently but I hav egone on PC now and had a go, Good of you both to reply so promptly.

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