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"In the castle, she wears a pink dress."

Translation:Nel castello, porta un vestito rosa.

May 17, 2013



Can you just say, 'in castello'?


why is "abito" not correct?


"l'abito" and "il vestito" are strange. :) my dictionary says it can be abito (da donna o da uomo). Same for "il vestito".

But I think duolingo accepts them only like this (I'm not 100% sure) : "il vestito" = "the dress" , and "l'abito" = "the suit"

If what my dictionary is saying is correct I see no reason why "abito" shouldn't be correct in this case.


Doesn't the colour match the gender of the item? Vestito roso pink dress? I just got marked wrong and told it is vestito rosa


Pink is a special case. It never changes, unlike the rock star.

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