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Question about Latin

Hi! I just started and am wondering. How hard is Latin to learn and what languages are like it.


August 5, 2020



That depends on your previous language learning experience. I assume you're an English speaker? Vocab, is easier for you than for most other speakers of a Germanic language, since English had adopted many words from Latin or Romance languages. Mastering pronunciation isn't important for most learners anyway, but Latin certainly isn't Mandarine. Biggest obstacle will be grammar. You will encounter many alien concepts like the fully fledged case system that allows free word order. You will need time to understand the concept as such and you'll need time to learn the various declension schemes. Conjugation of verbs is another concept that most English speakers find cumbersome. All in all, Latin isn't hard. It needs time and dedication, but the grammar is quite regular and logical, and the complexity of declensions and conjugations is - let's say - comparable to the more grammar intense Slavic languages or German. German ain't hard to learn - it just takes a bit more time than languages that have simpler structures like let's say Norwegian, Dutch or Italian.


Thank you! I will work hard so maybe I can learn it quickly.


I finished my tree in abt 2 weeks with everything as 1 crown! English and French, and Italian are all very similar. (Hope this helps!)


Your welcome, happy learning!!


Vulgar Latin is the ancestor to the Romance languages of today (hence Romance, from Roman times) - these include Italian, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Romanian, etc. Classical Latin still bears some resemblance to most of these languages in vocabulary and verb conjugation alone (Romanian and possibly one other Romance language are the only ones I am aware of which also retained the noun case system).

That depends on what you mean by "like it". :) If you mean similar as in one bears a striking resemblance to another (like Italian to Spanish), I've already answered your question. Otherwise, if what you're looking for are languages with similar grammatical patterns and complexity, Romanian, German, Finnish, Turkish, and basically any of the Slavic languages are good candidates. :)

My experience is that Latin isn't too hard to learn, so long as you pay attention to your endings and understand what they mean. ;) Hopefully this helps a bit, and best of luck!

Volgav vitsenanieff nivya kevach varatsach.


A lot of languages derive from latin. like the word atrium in english is the same in latin! ( atrium means entry) Latin is very much like greek. If you are familiar with french or spanish you can relate some latin words with spanish or french words. I am familiar in french and in class at my school I find it easy to learn grammar and vocab in latin. hope this helps!


Ok thanks! My Mom and sister are learning spanish and french.


There are actually quite a few languages that are similar, Italian is by far the most similar, but even English, Spanish, french, some german, and multiple other European languages can be similar, Welcome to duo, and happy learning


its hard, but not as impossible as japanese or mandarin,


Ok. My Mother went to japan for a few months so she learned a little Japanese.

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