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Sharing classrooms

I am using Duolingo for my language teaching and this year we are 2 teachers together with a very large group, is it possible to share a classrooms, so that one classroom has 2 teachers ? We have about 50 students and it would make our work a lot easier since we are teaching together. Regards Ida Semey Menntaskólinn á Tröllaskaga, Ólafsfjörður, Iceland

August 5, 2020



You have two choices, IdaSemey:

  1. Create a fake username that you both share, and share the password.

  2. Create two classrooms. Have your students input both classroom codes in their settings. Then, enroll yourself as a student in your colleague's classroom, and vice-versa. You will be able to see the assignments that your colleague gives your students.

I hope that one of these works for your situation!


i want to join a classroom for Spanish but i have no idea how it works . can anybody help me here ?


Your teacher needs to send you the code, QazJay. Do you have a teacher? Or are you studying on your own?


no . i do not have any teachers. I'm just learning on my own . I'm just interested in learning new languages and cultures.

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