"I am twenty-seven this year."

Translation:Tha mi fichead 's a seachd am bliadhna.

August 5, 2020

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why 'am' and not 'seo'


Because am bliadhna (am here means in, as in ann am bliadhna) is the phrase to say this year, as in during the current year.

If you were pointing at a calendar, at a page for some year (not necessarily the current one), and you wanted to say something like it happened in this year (the one pointed by you, not the current one), then you’d use a’ bhliadhna seo.

But when referring to the current date you say am bliadhna just as you say an-diugh (lit. in-day) for today.


Many thanks Silmeth - a model of clarity as ever! Much appreciated



'Tha mise...' was not accepted but I think it should be. (I know I spelled am-bliadhna wrong)

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