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I want to join the incubator for Romanian for English speakers

I was born in Romania and I was tought English at a small age by my parents. I'm pretty advanced in the language, still need some practice, but I know I can handel it and I can spend some hours for translating. I will send right now a request and I ask the moderators to accept me ASAP(As soon as possible).

August 12, 2014

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It would be great if there was a fifth contributor- Romanian is a complicated langauge and is moving slow, and I hope they will appreciate your help :)


Actually we are not four, we are two (the other two contributed when the English course started, but they have not been active for some months). I'm waiting for my teammate to return from holiday and then we will get in touch with the most promising candidates for a preliminary phase (to help us with ideas and with the structure of the tree). And we'll see who proves to be really involved and helpful. Beside knowledge, we want commitment, not somebody who will get bored after a couple of weeks.

There were some users who contacted my teammate saying they want to contribute, but when they received an email with details about what they would have to do (a lot of repetitive tasks basically), none of them replied back. :( Well, draw your own conclusion.

The course is not moving slow because we have some kind of problem. We just focused on the English tree until it got out of beta and then after hard work a vacation was needed. I completed just the first two skills to get used to the features the incubator provides us with, because the interface for the English tree did not have some of them. But once we really start working on the tree, things will get moving.


So thats why none of them except for you responded to my messages... I felt that they were no longer active. Do you know why? I hope that your teammate will return soon, so that the course can move faster ;)


I don't know details, they just got busy with their jobs and other aspects of the real life. Yes, I think the holiday will be over in a couple of days, probably the end of this week.


This is belated, but good luck wth the course and finding a committed and fluent contributor!


What's been going on with the course?


Ok, thanks guys. But who has to accept my submission ?


Nobody has to. But the ones who can are the current contributors.

As I said above, in a few days we will contact some of you and we'll see how it goes from there.


It would be great if you guys could get this up... I speak rough Romanian, but there is much for me to learn. thanks for the great work you have done.


:P Same here. I have a textbook full of exercises but it's very grammer heavy so I know the structures but not the words :( REally looking forward to the new course guys :)

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Me too! I would love to see this course on Duolingo.

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