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  5. "A white beach"

"A white beach"

Translation:Een wit strand

August 12, 2014



Are there any plans to include the de/het when learning vocabulary?

A question like this, where I am unsure, I need to simply guess at whether it is 'witte strand' or 'wit strand'.


Actually, "een wit strand" already has a semblance of the article included in it.

Het strand > een wit strand

De hond > een witte hond

See how "wit" changes to "witte" when the article changes from "het" to "de"? ;)


Yes. I get that. I was asked to translate from English to Dutch, and not knowing which article should proceed the noun, I was guessing as to how to craft the adjective (with or without the 'e').

I learnt ('het' strand), of course, after getting it wrong, and perhaps that is an intentional learning process -- but it feels there must be a front-loaded manner which would work better.

This, of course, is a minor criticism of a fantastic, FREE, learning course. :)


You do have a point. :)


This was addressed a few weeks ago, they said they first wanted to see how it goes without the articles. They haven't commented since then (afaik) despite the continued criticism. I personally hope they will add the articles, but it might be a lot of work.


Because strand is a het-woord, and then you only add the -e if it's preceded by het.

Een wit strand

Het witte strand

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