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Recommending immersion articles within lessons

I keep seeing people complaining about how the practice lesson sentences don't give them enough context for learning certain words' meanings. My first reaction is just to tell them that is what the immersion is for. To learn by reading real world materials. But I think it would be really awesome if there was an easy way to link or recommend a specific article from the immersion section, to a specific lesson in the learning tree. For example, the other day I translated a weather forecast for Spain. It was a wonderful thing for a beginner, very repetitive with lots of really useful geography and weather terms. I immediately wanted to share it with my friends because of all the words I learned from it. I "voted up" the article, but that didn't really express how helpful it was to me. I would like to recommend it to anyone doing the lesson on nature. Sometimes an article is written entirely or mostly in a certain tense, an it would be useful to have these articles recommended to people learning that specific lesson, so they could see more sentences and different verbs conjugated that way. Perhaps you could try to incorporate a "tagging" system, where people tag the relevant skills when they read the article, and make the articles searchable by their tags.

May 17, 2013



That's an awesome idea!!!! I haven't started in the immersion part, because i don't think I have enough knowledge to do it yet! But imagine, if other people recommended a given article for a certain lesson that would really help consolidating the knowledge acquired on that specific lesson!

Besides it would make choosing an article to be translated a lot easier, because there are so many of them to chose from! Otherwise, something that could be just as helpful, would be classifying the articles, according to how easy, or how difficult they are to translate!


I think this is a wonderful idea! =)

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