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"Hij mag wel praten en ik niet."

Translation:He is allowed to talk and I am not.

August 12, 2014



What role does “wel” play?


It is used to emphasize the contrast with the negation. It serves the same role here as the German word "doch".

"Ik eet wel!" - "I do eat!"
"Jij gaat niet. Ik wel." - "You are not going. I am."


Thanks so much, equivalents with German always help me so much !


'Wel' doesn't really have an easy literal counterpart in English. It is used to stress the contradiction with 'niet':

  • 'Het is waar': it is true
  • 'Het is wel waar': it is true (something you would say when someone is implying it is not true)

  • 'Heb je wel of niet de post gevonden': did you or did you not find the mail?

  • 'Ik heb de post wel gevonden': I did find the mail.


Basically it's there to emphasise? :)


I guess In that sense it could be likened to 'too' as in when children bicker over something "I didn't break the window" "Did too!" "Did not!" "Did too!"


So is it like the Dutch equivalent of the French "bien" and "très bien"?

[deactivated user]

    What word means "allowed"?


    Mag. The verb 'mogen' means to be allowed.

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