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How proficient will i be?

I know this is fairly new (duolingo) but i was wondering if someone who has completed the french course could provide some info on whether or not it is worth it to invest time and effort into this.

thanks in advance

p.s.-so far im very impressed with duolingo.

August 20, 2012



I started to learn French here on June 20. By now, I've passed about 2/3 of the course. I know about 1500 words (I don't count a lot of those that are the same as in English) and can make a simple conversation in French. I began to read "The Little Prince" in French. I have to use a dictionary, of course.

But the fact is that I got so interested in French that I found some other courses as well (Michel Thomas's audio course and also busuu.com). Now Duo is mostly for practising and practising the new words and phrases with them. It is really good at repetition. But it does not teach you much to make your own sentences and communicate. It does not also teach grammar. So, I'd say, it is worth trying, but for best results you should add something else.


Duolingo typically has the advantages of immersion: fast progression without much grammar. From a certain point on, however, you will need other input. Exercises on certain grammatical problems, your own free production of French sentences as examples. It does not give you situations, nor conventions. An example of the last. A Dutchman would say in a shop: "je voulais avoir deux pains, s'il vous pla^it." and think he had been polite. Of course he should have said: Je voudrais deux pains, s'il vous pla^it."


In my opinion, another advantage of learning with Duo is that it also works as an Auberge Espagnole (Spanish Inn), meaning that you find here what you have brought in. I am referring to this Questions section which is friendly and extremely useful, including for grammar purposes that are not covered in the lessons. You meet here a large variety of people who can help you. As to me, I am here to practice my English and I can tell you I learn a lot... and I like the idea of helping others with my knowledge of French.

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