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  5. "Ik steun het meisje."

"Ik steun het meisje."

Translation:I support the girl.

August 12, 2014



Ik steun het meisje, like I agree with her, or, you know, more than that....


"Steunen" usually doesn't refer to physical support. For physical support, the verb "ondersteunen" is more often used. Note that the prefix "onder-" literally means from underneath.


If "steunen" means non-physical support, like to support a cause, could you also use it to mean financial support when talking about a person?


Yes, for sure.


Yes, but in English support also means maintain financially, which would be the most natural interpretation of this sentence with no other context. If it means agree with, the English is a bit clunking as 'I support her' suggests a formal debate - it's a very odd sentence.


i still wonder why it is a level 6 vocab, is it so used in Dutch? I'm Italian and it doesn't make a lot of sense to me..


Really? Because my first thought was moral support.


I also dont understand why thes verbs come that late... But the translation itself makes sense to me. I'm German, and "unterstuetzen" means as much as " support" or " stoenen" . Although, because of the "unter" it could be related stronger to " onderstoenen" , under the condition this word exists


I know that this means non physical support, but does it refer to emotional support or to endorse something?


I guess emotional support. The sentence is too short to truly explain


Does "steun" as "support" also mean "to put up with", meaning, "I 'tolerate' the girl"?


Ja, vi stöttar henne.

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