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Conjugation exercise

A speicial mode to practice all verbs' conjugation will be really helpful.

May 17, 2013



Yes, good idea!! A vocabulary exercise to practice one verb across all its tenses and conjugations would be great!!


i used to practice spanish conjugations on this website and it really helped me a lot: http://www.verben.info/spanische-verben/spanische-verben-normal.htm ... it would be great if we had something like this in duolingo with the word´s we´ve learned


i also agree that a conjugation drill would help a lot!


I agree, some dedicated "language drills" for conjugations, (German) declensions, .... could be very helpful.


yea this would of helped me so many hearts if I could just get some practice on these lol.


I know this is an old thread but if anyone's still looking for a tool to drill verb conjugations, I built this website: https://conjugator.io/

Let me know what you think and how it could be improved!


Would definitely help! I'm learning German and struggling a little bit with the conjunctions. You're idea sounds like a very good idea :)


I agree with you, I think it would be very helpful (I sometimes struggle with German because I don't remember declensions and conjugations).


eup...I just learned what declension is.


specially in german, german it`s a little bit difficult for the declenssions and conjugations, and practicing this it would helpful


Yes this would be so helpful in latin. PLs duo!


Why isn’t there some information about word conjugation? Showing me only être doesn’t help me formulate the others. I actually need either a book I can use to study or put some drills.Goodness knows there must be hundreds.

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