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  5. "I do not like the hotel."

"I do not like the hotel."

Translation:Ik vind het hotel niet leuk.

August 12, 2014



Is it not possible to use houden van here?


It would change the meaning to "I do not love the hotel.". Nonetheless ''houden van'' is sometimes used in the sense of ''to like''. For example: ''Ik hou niet van aardappels'' ("I don't like potatoes"). But it doesn't really work for this sentence. An alternative translation, one I'd use as a native speaker, would be: "Ik vind het geen leuk hotel." You might also come across: "Ik mag het hotel niet.". A more german-style phrase, although I personally only use this form if it's about a person.


That is pretty spot-on. I think that "houden van" is best translated as "to like" when it used for generalities instead of a specific object:

"Ik hou niet van hotels" - "I do not like hotels"
"Ik hou niet van het hotel" - "I do not love the hotel"

The latter sounds a little bit awkward, just like it does in English. That is probably why Duolingo uses a different phrasing here.


"i do not love the hotel." Is fine, and I've heard it said, but it doesn't mean the same thing as "i don't like the hotel." Rather it means that you think it's okay but you'd prefer to go somewhere else next time if possible. While "i don't like" means you don't want to go there again at all.


Thank you! Could you explain "Ik vind het geen leuk hotel" a bit? What's the geen doing there?


"Ik vind het een leuk hotel." would literally mean "I find it a 'leuk' hotel'', where ''leuk'' means something like ''nice/fun/something that is likeable'' (used as an adjective).

''Geen'' simply means ''not a''. So, it'd be "I find it not a 'leuk' hotel''.

I hope this explains it:)


Yeah, that makes sense. I hadn't realized leuk could be used as a general adjective.


is it not de hostel?


no, it's both "Het hotel" and "Het hostel"

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