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Helpful programmes on TV

I don't know if anyone else is able to access these programmes (outwith Scotland) -

I am finding the programme "Speaking Our Language" on BBC Alba / Freeview Channel 7 extremely helpful! It's on in the early evenings about 7.00 p.m. - excellent for my poor old brain! :)

The children's programmes are also very helpful - CBBC on the same Channel.

August 6, 2020



These programmes are great. Speaking our language is available on the LearnGaelic website too. It's a great resource.


I've seen these on youtube and LearnGaelic.scot has clips and text/translation for all the Speaking our Language shows. There is no iPlayer access outside of the UK but I have not heard of the Freeview Channel so I'll see if that works!


Both Can seo and Speaking our language are available on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/muckapedia Can Seo has the young Cathy Ann McFee playing a barmaid (who also sings) in the mini-series.

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