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Difference between a and à

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Since there is no grammar lessons on Duolingo, I decided to share my knowledge as a native French speaker to all of you who are learning French; this time, I wanted to share a memory about the difference between a and à.

When I was little, it was hard for us to understand the difference between the two, so the teacher told us this little trick:

When you don't know when to use à or a, think in the past. Would you can translate by "avait", use a without the accent; otherwise use à.

Examples: - Il va a la ferme => Il va avait la ferme? No. So à. - Il a dormi trois heures => Il avait dormi trois heures? Yes. So a. - Il a mangé a 14 heures => Il avait mange avait 14 heures => Il a mangé à 14 heures.

Hope it helps :)

5 years ago



Thanks for the tip! :]

5 years ago


that helped alot thanks

1 year ago