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Your favourite Dutch sentence

The title says it all. What's your favourite Dutch sentence? Mine is: "De volgende halte is ... Morstel Oude-God". (lit: "The following halt is ... >Belgium town south of Antwerpen<")

August 12, 2014



Mine is ""Je rijdt jouw motorfiets als een baas." (Found it the Travel skill)

It means "You ride your motorcycle like a boss".


Calling people "baas" (just without any article) is definitly a pro in Dutch! :)


I need to get to this one!


Mine is "Pardon Ik ben een appel." Translation: Excuse me I am an apple. Imagine if you were walking down the street and somebody came up to you and said that.


I am so glad I could understand that even through I am not learning Dutch at the moment (want to finish Spanish first)

Pardon is similar to French Ik ben is similar to German (Ich bin) Een is similar to Danish, my native language (en/et) Appel is the last name of my good friend and he always tells everybody that it isn't a misspelling of the German "Apfel" but in fact a Dutch word.


Ik wil mijn fiets terug. (Light-hearted jab at the Germans who stole their bikes during the war.)


Dat is mijn opa's fiets, ja! Dat je dat maar ee'm weet, zo!


My favorite one up to now is "Goedendag, sap"

Just need to use it someday :)


You can use it every morning at breakfast :)


I have tons of them, but one fave which comes to mind is, "Als je meer humor zou hebben, zou ik je meer hebben betaald." which in English is, "If you had more humor, I would have paid you more".


I heard a poet say that he found that the best Dutch sentence is:

"Ik ook van jou."

Whever you hear this, for example in a train while you hear half a phone conversation, you just automatically assume that it's said in answer to "Ik hou van jou." It could also be used for many other things, for example "Ik krijg nog geld van jou;" "Ik ook van jou." But it kind of shows an innate "glass half full" mentality that we just always assume that it means "Ik hou ook van jou."


I find it so weird that the Dutch word for liking/loving needs a "van"

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