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Problem with Strengthen Skills

When I try to strengthen my skills for Spanish it doesn't work about 25-50% of the time. I've noticed that this is not related to how well I've done in the lesson-- I've done strengthen skills, not lost any hearts, and still had it not increase my skill strength. It's really annoying, plus it's eating away at my motivation to get all my Spanish skills up to golden.

Is this something the Duolingo team is working on?

August 12, 2014



I am having the same problem. I just repeated the last lesson of a skill three or four times in a row and it will not give me credit for strengthening the skill. I am annoyed that I have to spend so much time "strengthening" skills that I am not progressing to new lessons.


I am also having the same problem with French lessons.


It seems that everytime I do Duolingo many of my previously golden skills have lost their gold. I spend all my time strengthening these skills and by the time they are all gold again there is no time left for me to progress. This is getting annoying! (Note - I am on almost everyday.)


I have the same. Even though I come here every day, all of a sudden I get 27 skills that lose their golden status! And I cannot strengthen them in one go. It is ridiculous - it will take me ages to strengthen them and by the time I am done, others will drop... Of course, I can cheat the strengthening, but it is not the point...

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