"Tha Gàidhlig agam cuideachd."

Translation:I have Gaelic too.

August 7, 2020

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why not "I have also gaelic" ???


What does this actually mean? "l can also speak Gaelic"? It is a strange construction in English.


Yes, it basically means I can speak Gaelic too or I know Gaelic too. Apparently I have Gaelic is the way it’s said in Scottish English and Scots – probably a Gaelic influence.


Is there a way we can review these phrases later? If i do the practice one once their golden it doesnt give me all the phrases. And phrases like this one and speak slowly and sever others i would like to go back and look at again and practice writting....


If a word is highlighted in blue at the top of this page, click on it for more examples and audio. (on PC) For instance: https://www.duolingo.com/dictionary/Scottish%20Gaelic/cuideachd/243824c83e0b9def1bf5da3403f20d73

Or if it's not highlighted in blue you can find it another way. Under MORE at the top of the page (on PC) choose WORDS and go to the word list of words we've learned. You can do Control F and find any word from your sentence. Choose that word and there will be several examples. There are audios there, too.


Does it mean "I speak Gaelic"?


Yes. Although the word for "speak" is not used, it is rather "I have Gaelic", or more literally "Gaelic is at me".


When I studied Gaelic a long time ago, the explanation (which I also found intriguing) was that "no person or object is ever owned by another, so the person or the object are merely at the same location" (e.g. Domhnall doesn't have keys, the keys are at Domhnall).

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