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"We have eighty skirts in total."

Translation:In totaal hebben wij tachtig rokken.

August 12, 2014



Is it possible to say: Wij hebben tachtig rokken in totaal?

August 12, 2014


And you could also say "Wij hebben in totaal tachtig rokken" :)

August 13, 2014


And also 'Tachtig rokken hebben wij in totaal'!

August 25, 2014


Oh how I love the possibilities of word order in Dutch. xD

August 16, 2014


Yes it is!

August 13, 2014


Why not " In totaal wij hebben tachtig rokken". I must have missed some rule in Dutch word-order hell.

August 28, 2014


The verb has to be in second place. Not the second word but the second element of the sentence. This is mostly the case for all Germanic langues other than English. (There are exceptions like secondary sentences in German, and of course questions in all of them.)

October 17, 2014


Sometimes I just write the word order backwards to English order and its correct lol. Sometimes I fluke it. However. I do try to memorize it. But a lot of things seem to be in a somewhat reversed order.

March 26, 2015


But In a somewhat reversed order seem to be a lot of the things. To memorize it I do try. However. I fluke it sometimes. Lol sometimes its correct order to write I the english word order just backwards.

March 26, 2015


"In totaal wij hebben 80 rokken" is incorrect. No idea what the rule is but I know it's not correct because I'm Dutch. ;)

August 28, 2014


The verb must be the second part of the sentence. In your example it's third because "in totaal" is counted as one part.

December 20, 2014


Isn't it supposed to be a question sentence since we have the hebben beofre the wij?

September 14, 2014


You are thinking in English, which got it's word order butchered by French influence long time ago. The natural Germanic word order is something called V2 in main clauses and SOV in secondary clauses.

August 19, 2015



December 5, 2016
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