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  5. "Muoio di fame."

"Muoio di fame."

Translation:I'm dying of hunger.

May 17, 2013



I'm pretty sure Muoio (in any of its forms) has never appeared in any of the excercises until now. Pretty hard to nail it first time when it appears in a listening comprehension.


"You are mine until I die" - "Sei mio finché non muoio."


Maybe you are skipping the last lessons from some of the topics and missed it? I see we are on different levels and I just came across this "muoio" word recently.

Mar 7th 2019.


The mobile app and desktop version have changed considerably since his first post was submitted 6 years ago. Duo has gotten soooo much better since I first tried in its early phases. One thing that still bugs me is how different the mobile app and the desktop version are. Especially the tips on each lesson. They differ entirely.


I think it came up in questions: Why do we die? However, I could be thinking of German.


Should be in "Present 1" (there's about 32 verbs in the course) - October 2021


Why "I am dying of starvation" doesn't work??? Fame is explained as hunger OR starvation, right?


i put die of starvation but didnt work :/


"I'm starving" is pretty close to how this sentence is generally used.


Is there not a difference between 'I am dying' or I die? I thought this would be "Sto morendo di fame" as opposed to "Muoio di fame"

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