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  5. "Wij eten vis vanavond."

"Wij eten vis vanavond."

Translation:We are eating fish tonight.

August 12, 2014

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We eat fish this evening?


That is correct, even though Duo doesn't seem to agree. We eat and we are eating are both acceptable forms of the 1st person plural of "to eat"

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Why is 'avond' as in 'goedeavond' meaning evening but 'avond' in this context meaning tonight? Shouldn't it be 'We eat fish this evening'?


look closely: it says "vanavond" not "avond" ;-)


Because there is a difference in how we describe evening between English and Dutch. In English 'this evening' and 'tonight' can be used interchangeably.

'What are you doing tonight'/'What did you do last night?' - is referring to the evening, not during the night.

It seems the Dutch are stricter with the use of night, and do not use it for evening.


why "vis" which is an undefined direct object comes before the adverb "vanavond"?


Yeah, that's a question! Zero determiner in English may show non specifity. I have checked dutchgrammar website fully and found no such thing there. It does not put no article under specific direct object so, what is it?


Elsewhere " hij eet vanmiddag pasta" Why ? What is the difference ?


"Just bear in mind, that the specific direct object is also allowed at the end, especially if you wish to stress the direct object." By Dutchgrammar. Though we don't really know how to handle zero determiners. Would be great if a moderator gets in.

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