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"Aspettano finché non lo trovo."

Translation:They wait until I find it.

May 17, 2013



If you want to save yourself a lot of heartache with negatives in Italian, spend the one minute it takes to read through this page


Ironically, it does not address finché non ...


more literally it means "they wait as long as I do not find it" where in English we would say "they wait until I find it"



Is "non" incorrectly added here? I wrote the poor sounding, "they wait until I don't find it" but was marked wrong because the answer is, "they wait until I find it."


"Finché non" is a confusing construction that does not imply a negative. The "non" is just there to trick you ;) Check this - http://duolingo.com/#/comment/345146


I also fall with that.


why non in this sentence


I tend to think of this as "They wait unless I don't find it"- the message being that they will wait until I find it, and then they will stop waiting.


I understand this but how would you actually say "until i don't find it" in Italian?


I am not going to get out of this loop of getting this "wrong!" It wants me to type the italian i hear and my keyboard will not type the accent over the e in finque ( i have chosen the italian button on my keyboard). I've tried to speak the words and have the "keyboard" record them, but they only type up very strange translations

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