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Just starting for real!

I have been learning Spanish off and on for years in school, but I never really wanted to learn. This is a very common thing here in the United States. Learning other languages is not even required in most schools in America, but most teach at the least one.

I took Spanish classes for a few years in elementary school and then switched to French for a year and back to Spanish.... BAD MISTAKE!! Now I had French mixed in with my Spanish and Spanish in my French! It took me about another year to get it all straitened out!

In 2013 some of my family went to El Salvador on a trip and there were only a very few people that could speak enough to communicate! This is what really motivated me to start learning Spanish for real!!

Now we have some really good friends down in El Salvador that are almost like family! We have taught them to speak English while they teach us Spanish! Although I still have a lot to learn yet, I have come a lot longer in the past few months then I had in all those years I took the classes in school!

Whatever you do, do it with all your might!

4 years ago


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That's great that you found a motivation to learn Spanish! Good luck on your language studies, and have a few lingots :)

4 years ago


Good luck, I admire your motivation! It will be well worth the effort! Have fun with Spanish, it is a wonderful experience to learn a language!

4 years ago