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  5. "Ik ben veranderd."

"Ik ben veranderd."

Translation:I have changed.

August 13, 2014



'have transformed' is offered as a translation for 'ben veranderd', so why is it not correct to say, "I have transformed."?


It's not incorrect, it just wasn't added as an alternative yet. Please go ahead and use the report button anyway in the future, even if you have doubts.

"have transformed" was added for a hint in the sentence "Ik ben veranderd in een schildpad." for which the best translation is "I have transformed into a turtle."

The hints added in one place are automatically added for the word(s) everywhere else in the course. So sometimes even if a translation shows up in a hint, it might not be in the alternatives.


Ah, okay. Normally when something is marked incorrect and I believe it was actually right I'll just go ahead and report it, but since I haven't been doing so well on this skill I figured I might as well wait.

I'll make sure I report it next time. Thanks!


Dare I ask whether there is some pattern or rule governing when zijn and hebben respectively are used with the past participle?


There is! See the explanation at the end of this page: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/3859133



I think I meant a simple pattern or rule; but then I was always an optimist. :-(


I'm still wondering if it would be correct to translate a sentence like this as "I am changed"?


It sounds a little odd but I don't think it is actually wrong to use the participle as an adjective. "I am a changed man" is certainly okay.


Thank you for answering. It seems like you're saying it's correct English, but I'm wondering if it's a correct translation of this Dutch sentence?


I think it is a grey area! The point of the lesson is obviously to teach that "veranderd" takes "zijn" rather than "hebben" where in English we would usually say "have".


Oh yeah? Prove it to me, you backstabber. ;___;

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