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Just so you know: vocabulary search has been implemented!

Just noticed this now!

May 17, 2013



It is nice to have the option to search through the vocabulary, but together with search there was another feature or bug introduced. If you try to sort the wordlist alphabetically or by strength, you can only see 20 words now and not the entire list.


Whoops, thanks for finding this. I'll work on a fix now:)


That was fast :-)


This should be fixed now - please let us know if you find more bugs:) Thanks for catching it!


vocab search improvement idea: show results for the conjugated forms of words too e.g. results for "schwimmen" will appear even if someone searches "schwimmt" the german he/she/it form


Hi JoeOcher. Though it's not a bad idea, I actually think this might be an unwanted addition for search, as it could clutter up the search results if a user just wants to search for all words of a certain suffix to see a pattern in verb conjugation, etc. If you'd like to see all conjugations of a word, you can always search for the root or click on the word after searching to see all forms. In the future we may look into more intelligent search options:)


Thanks a lot for this. Really helpful.


Thank you! Great new feature.


This is an old message, vocabulary is deactivated for now.


Just a suggestion: When I see words that I know very well that are marked "weak", It would help me to have a link to the phrases in which my "weak" words are used. Also, it would be nice to have ability to search phrases.

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