"The doctors heal many sick people."

Translation:Medici multos aegros sanant.

August 8, 2020

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why "multos aegros" and not "multi aegri"?


We need to use the accusative, multos aegros, since the healing is being done to them. Multi aegri (can be the nominative plural, much like medici is here) could work should the 'many sick people' be doing the healing.

multi aegri sanant -> 'many sick people heal'

multos aegros sanant -> 'they heal many sick people'


Does word order matter for Medici multos aegros sanant vs Medici multos sanant aegros?


Generally the adjective is close to the noun it describes. It can be looser in poetry, where word order adds emphasis, suspense, or helps the poetic meter, but the word order above would not be used outside such a sentence.


Hurray! Duolingo Latin has finally pulled its finger out of its bottom, and is now giving us some new material, new vocabulary, which was greatly needed. I hope some Latin moderators read this. We don't need more exercises about rivers slowly and languidly flowing, or of soldiers hitting inebriated parrots, or of professors finding books in libraries. But rest assured, Duolingo, vos amamus!

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