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  5. "Were you tired? Yes."

"Were you tired? Yes."

Translation:An robh thu sgìth? Bha.

August 8, 2020



To add to joannejoanne12’s reply: in Gaelic there is no single word meaning yes. When asked a yes-no question, you typically repeat the verb of the question.

So if one asks a question starting with a bheil…? is…? ((bh)eil is the dependent form of tha, the present tense of the verb bi to be; dependent form means it goes after particles like a(n), cha(n), etc.), you answer by tha (lit. is) for yes or chan eil (lit. is not) for no.

When someone asks you a question starting with an robh…? was…? (robh is the dependent form of bha, the past tense of the verb bi to be) then you answer bha was for yes or cha robh was not for no.

If someone used the future tense, asking am bi thu sgìth? will you be tired?, you’d answer either bidh, lit. will be, for yes; or cha bhi will not be for no.


Tha is the present tense equivalent of bha :)

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