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Time spent - coins

I find I am spending way too much time daily trying to learn two languages. (spanish and german) for those of you who are going gangbusters with two or more languages - do you also always fill the coin stacks on each language? (I am getting ehausted.) Or, do some of you who are doing two languages have excellent memories and/or linquistic skills?

August 20, 2012



I tend to concentrate on one and after a certain time, most often when I get fed up by system errors I change to the other. It helps that German and French are not new to me.


I don't always fill the two coin stacks every day but I do try to make up before I go on to the next lesson. Today I'm just revising both French and German to build on some skills. Tomorrow I'll do lessons.


Thanks for your responses. Yes, I wondering if those doing well, already had expierence with the language they were studying. Quite a few years back I went thru a spanish grammar book, so went thru the lessons here in a matter of weeks, but still miss quirky responses in the reviews which I do daily. Also, living near La Ciudad de Los Angeles I watch Spanish language TV with closed captions. This helps reading spanish. German though is completely new and very time consuming. I wonder how many learning German also have no previous experience with it, or if they are using other sources (books, etc.) as well.????


I studied German for some years but very little French - 1 year at high school - many years ago and find some of it is still there. Both were a very long time ago but some parts are still familiar. As far as learning now is concerned I mainly rely on memory and repetition in both languages combined with taking notes and writing down new words - and all their forms, cases etc which I look up the first time they are introduced. That helps them stick for me. If I get held up on a grammar point I've found http:french.about.com and http:german.about.com helpful.

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