"Excuse me. I need to go."

Translation:Gabh mo leisgeul. Feumaidh mi falbh.

August 8, 2020

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As in leave or as in taigh-beag?


It literally means I need to leave (or I need to go). There’s no hint as for the purpose or destination of leaving in Gaelic as there is no in English (I don’t see anything specifically toilet-related in English I need to go either).


Hi silmeth, (or anyone who might care to comment). I have a question about music lyrics. I stumbled on C MacKay 1877, Gaelic Etymology of the Languages of Western Europe, when i was trying to translate a song i heard in Alba Nuad, (Chi mi na mòrbheanna). I understand that is a discredited work, sadly... BUT, i was curious about còir, (vs coire)...I understand now why i was unable to find so many words in the dictionary!


"I need to go" can (depending on the context) be used in British English as mean that you need to go to the toilet.


Also in American English.

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