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Used Spanish to help someone today

I've been using Duolingo to brush up on my Spanish for about a month now. I had a basic knowledge of the language, but I know my grammar is.was pretty bad.
Well thanks to some new found confidence due to using Duolingo, I was able to offer some assistance today. I was at a pharmacy picking up some meds when a lady asked the pharmacist if anyone spoke Spanish. The pharmacist just shrugged, said no and the lady wandered off. After I finished my transaction, I found the lady and said, "Señora, no trabajo aqui, pero hablo un poquito español..." She looked surprised, but asked me "Puede ayudame? Busco medicamente para 'bunio' (I think she was trying to say bunion in English) de pie." Says I "Ah 'bunion'? Pienso que esta aqui" and led her to the foot care section, she thanked me profusely.... I said "De nada Señora!" and went on my way.
It felt good to have been able to help!

August 13, 2014



awesome story. I had a similar experience not too long ago. I was in the deli/bodega near my job when a woman and young daughter came in. The store is run by Indians that can speak decent english. Well, the lady spoke no english, and was asking the man at the counter something in spanish, which I didnt really hear at first. When I realized what was going on, I asked her in spanish to repeat what she said and I would try to help. She asked if I speak spanish and I said no but that and that I am currently studying spanish. She repeated the question, and I understood enough to figure out that she was looking for small bottles of spring water, but not refridgerated, as all they had unrefridgerated were large bottles. I relayed the question in english, and the guy sent a worker to the basement where they had cases of water unrefridgerated. I told her the man is going to bring the water upstairs, and to wait here for a moment. She smiled and thanked me. I told her to have a good day, and I went back to work. It was by no means perfect spanish but it was good enough to help her out.


I've found that even if you don't speak perfect Spanish, folks will always appreciate you trying, and you can very often find a middle ground of mutual understanding. I work in a garden center, and a lady who spoke limited English was asking for help controlling an insect, but she didn't know what it was called in English. After trying to figure it out by her description (conversation had been in English so far) I asked her, "Como se llama en español?", She said "Tijereta". I didn't know the word, but thought about it a few seconds .. hmmm 'tijereta' sounds like 'tijeras' (scissors)... what bug looks like scissors? Ah! Earwig! (aka Pincer bug). I showed her a photo of an earwig, and I was right, and was able to advise how to control them.


By the way, has anyone looked up the word bunion??? According to my dictionary it is el juanete.


Oh well done. I am so proud of you. I tried to relate your story to my husband, but couldn't without a tear in my eye. I am thrilled for you, as must be all your fellow Duolingo students. Fabulous!!!!


Yay, you got voted up to 50. ;) These are all such great stories and it pushes me to want to learn even more of Spanish and other languages. I enjoy hearing all of the helping-someone-out stories when there are some. It lets me know that there are still amazing people out there in the world. I've always wanted to learn many languages; I might as well start a few weeks ago! :)


I am a beginner too,Spanish just as a interest for me ,but after read your stor, you encouraged me to learn it, thanks


Muy buena historia,el español es el idioma mas hablado en el mundo por cierto. Saludos from Colombia.


No es el idioma mas hablado, pero hay muchos hablantes.

El idioma mas hablado es el mandarín.


That's pretty awesome. Was it easy to form your words, or did it take time?


It seemed pretty easy, although I did have some Spanish before starting Duolingo. It's always a little scary to initiate a conversation. You never know if the person will start talking super fast and leave you standing there with a puzzled look on your face! ;-) Although I've found folks always appreciate if you make an effort.


Reading this made me feel so happy! :D Thank you for sharing!!


That's great! Here is just another great example of why I want to be able to speak Spanish.

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