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Rank Immersion items by difficulty

I want to start doing the immersion, but I find it intimidating. I see that I can choose a category I am interested in, but is there any possibility of being able to rank difficulty? Duolingo could even recommend what level we are likely to be comfortable at based on our level in that language.

May 17, 2013



The immersion is designed so you can do as little or as much as you feel comfortable with, and lots of people do the same article, so there's no pressure or consequences; if you get something wrong, someone else will correct it. Try picking something that is already translated first and checking someone else's work to get a feel for it. You can do it one word or one sentence at a time. No obligation if you click on an article.


I very much agree with this. I have tried to translate several articles and as a beginner it's tough to find those I can actually have success with, most are far too advanced. It would be great to have categorization based on various difficulty levels to speed up the process of finding articles I can actually work with.


I, too, would appreciate articles pre-sorted (or easily distinguished before entering the translation page) by difficulty as well as additional articles for beginners... perhaps something one might read in a beginning language course in school. Yes, the article would be rather contrived and simple, but this type of practice would be much appreciated and provide an introduction to more advanced and "real life" reading material. After all, when students/children learn to read their own native tongue, their books and articles are levelled for their grade/ability; typical second-graders e.g. would not read Newsweek or the local Journal/Sentinel/Times paper to bolster vocabulary and comprehension...

Does anyone have any beginning material they can load? Any foreign language teachers out there who might have material for us?

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