"Feumaidh mi seacaid ùr."

Translation:I need a new jacket.

August 9, 2020

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I wrote, " I am needing a new jacket", not just "I need..." It seems that all other verbs so far have taken the "-ing" format. Am I missing something?


Yes, you are (but don’t worry, I don’t think this is properly covered in the course yet, and others have been puzzled too). :)

The verbs translated with the -ing forms use the construction tha X a’/ag Y for X is Y-ing (literally X is at Y, where Y is the verbal noun), eg. tha mi ag ithe I am eating (lit. I am at eating), tha e a’ faicinn he is seeing, etc. Those are pretty much equivalent to the English I am …ing forms, meaning an action happening exactly at the moment of speaking.

Here you see the future tense form (which often works also as present tense) of the verb used directly, feumaidh mi means I need or I will need; there is no this tha mi a’… I am at… part here.

That’s because feum is a defective verb that has no verbal noun and it is not used with this tha mi a’… business. You could say tha feum agam air seacaid ùr, literally something along the lines of I have a need for a new jacket – not sure if it’s accepted in the course.


Thanks! I'll be on the lookout for these other verb forms.


Definitely sounds like he's saying "feumaidh mi" to me!


Is anyone able to explain "seacaid" vs "còta" please? Are they interchangable? Or do they each describe something different? How do i know when to use one over the other?

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