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  5. "Tha falt dubh air."

"Tha falt dubh air."

Translation:He has black hair.

August 9, 2020



I can't see where the indicator is that this is referring to a he? I read it as "Black hair is on" but i don't know what on...


air is both the base form of the preposition on and the 3rd person masc. form meaning on him.

When used as a base form (air meaning just on) it has to be followed by some complement to it, eg. air a’ bhòrd means on the table. But when it’s used on its own (eg. you see it hanging at the end of the sentence like here) then it always means on him.

And in other grammatical persons/genders it would change accordingly, eg. to say, for example, she has black hair you would say tha falt dubh oirre.

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