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  5. "Ella es una enfermera."

"Ella es una enfermera."

Translation:She is a nurse.

May 17, 2013



I thought Spanish didn't use article before professions? Is nurse an exception?


As far as I know, it isn't. "Ella es enfermera", as any other profession, sounds better and it's correct.


I think that you'd only use it this way in order to emphasize that the person is one of several/many. To give a (sort of lame) example, if you were pointing out who were doctors and who were nurses, at a party: "Ella es una enferma...ella es una doctora..."


With profession you generally use an article if you say something about the profession. "She is a nurse. Ella es enfermera." / "She is a very good nurse. Ella es una enfermera muy buena." Mr. Santos is a teacher. Sr. Santos es profesor. compared to "Mr. Santos is a Spanish teacher" Sr. Santos es un profesor de español.


I was told that I can use both, but the best answer is without the article.


Were you told by a native speaker?


beantorrent, yes by my profesor who lives in Madrid and is a native, thold me that, for profession, the article is unnecessary, but it would not be considered a mistake if I use one.


This confused me too. I've definitely been taught not to say un/una before professions.


spanielle2- but, if you do, this is not a mistake


As a nurse practitioner who is proud of my profession, why is it that every single example of nurse here was female... there are male nurses ya know!


The sentence I had before this one was "Él es enfermero", so don't worry, they recognize male nurses as well! It seems random chance happened to align things poorly for you. :-/


Is a male nurse "enfermera" or "enfermero"?


un enfermero es un hombre


honestly when would you need to say a male nurse? almost never. unless your ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Focker


Seems like duolingo is very contradictory about indefinite articles and professions. This could translate as "She is one nurse"


That's the way Spanish works.


I have always read you did not need indefinite articles with professions. Seems like duolingo sometimes disagrees. I deliberately wrote "she is one nurse" and was marked as wrong!


You lost your heart? She's a nurse on the cardiac unit, too.


zurdo666- to describe what the person is or what they do, use the article, not the number ONE


Why do some professions have articles and some not?! I was of the understanding professions didn't have articles ie ella es maestra


You should read before asking a question in Comments.


I don't get it, i thought un or una can both mean a or an. Why can't it be "she is an nurse"


Not sure if that is a typo, but in English an is only used before a noun that begins with a vowel, and sometimes h


very wrong English. ghostnik11 an is used when the first word finishes with a voyel and the following one, starts with one. A dog but AN animal.


I find it interesting that "Ella es una enfermera.", but "Soy enfermera." No article needed when I refer to myself? Or is it correct either way?


In my opinion, from what I have studied, you only need an article with the noun with the verb "ser" if you are describing something about a profession. Soy profesor. Soy un profesor de español.


help i am bleeding i was shot with a needle


Any suggestions on what the root of this word is?


She sounds like "intermera". Not "inFermera".


"Enfermera" and "enfermero" sound a bit like "infirmary" to me, so that makes these words easier to remember for me. I don't know if they share similar root words-its entirely possible. Just a hint for anyone whom it may help.


how would you say she is a nurse in the navy?

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