"Você pode ver a Terra do espaço."

Translation:You can see the Earth from space.

May 17, 2013

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In English, Earth is the only case where the name of a planet can take a definite article, i.e., we never say "The Mercury" or "The Jupiter". However we frequently use Earth without the definite article, so DL should allow it. Reported.


You can see Earth from space should be the correct answer. Try this: Let's say you are talking about someone you know, John. Would you say - You can see the John from space. NO. You would say - You can see John from space.


Well, just "Earth" should definitely be accepted (I just reported it), but I think "the Earth" is fair too.


You could even say: You can see the planet Earth from space. But, using the proper noun Earth all by itself is enough since there is only one Earth. You can see Earth from space.


Still not accepted unfortunately.


STILL not accepted 10/05/2020


I think there's kind of a large difference between "the John" and a location. For instance: THE White House, THE Statue of Liberty, THE Golden Gate Bridge. You wouldn't say "I see Statue of Liberty from space." So...sorry mate but I think THE Earth makes sense.


Is "Terra" always capitalized in Portuguese when referring to the earth?

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Yes, so it doesn't get confused with terra (earth, ground, soil).


Why dont we capitalize Space too since we use that as a proper noun as well?


It has nothing to do with it being a proper noun. Apparently in Portuguese they capitalize the names of the planets, as we do in English. But if you enjoy capitalizing proper nouns, check out German! :-)

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