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Being asked to use microphone even though I have the setting switched off

It's happened in four separate timed practices now. Though, I've just noticed the practice lessons only seem to go to 12 points now, so perhaps it's a side effect if they're in the process of changing it?

Oh, and another strange thing happened the first time I had the microphone problem: after I'd clicked that I can't use a mic right now, it suddenly gave me 23 million minutes of time left.

I figured it was just a glitch and that when the seconds ran out it would run out as normal but no... it just went down to 23,465,934:59. I haven't had that particular issue since, though. (unfortunately?)

August 13, 2014



I second this issue. Have the microphone setting turned off, but a "say after me" question popped up in practice. It also had 14 questions, while normally it has 20.


The nearly infinite amount of time glitch has happened to me a few times before, so probably not related to whatever voodoo they're trying with the microphones this evening.


I think it is a bit related (but not purposely).. I noticed the time glitch happens most often when turning off the mic during a timed practice :)


Ah - I normally have the microphone turned off all the time so maybe that's why I get it a lot (but if it's going to start to actually hear what I say, then maybe I'll keep it on)

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