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Microphone questions suddenly appearing at end of Spanish tree

I have never been able to use the microphone in questions on these lessons. Although my microphone works fine on Skype, it is not understood on lessons, so I clicked "no" on microphone questions and have not had any in a long times. Now that I am almost finished with the Spanish tree, they are appearing 3 or 4 to a lesson. I checked the preferrences and found that the microphone setting had been changed to "on", so I reset it to " no microphone", but the questions still appear. .

When the question appears, I click "Not able to use microphone now", but it states that the microphone will be turned back on in an hour.

A question or two got through, though and I had to take the hit and press skip and lose the points. It would be nice if the microphone worked here.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

August 13, 2014



Under your username go to "settings" and the turn microphone from "on" to "off" and make sure you save your settings before leaving the page? I think they must be trying out new microphone features because they've switched mine on (although I was pleasantly surprised that it seems to have improved a lot)

[deactivated user]

    the microphone question appeared to me just soon after i started my tree. i turned it off though during the lesson because it asked me.

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