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"Mia madre mi viene a prendere alle dieci."

Translation:My mother comes to get me at ten.

August 13, 2014



Can someone explain me why "my mother comes to pick me up at ten" is not correct?


Pick me up should indeed be accepted as it's the most common way to say it in English.


I think collect should be accepted too


I think fetch should be accepted also.


Are there any rules that state when to use 'a', 'di', or nothing in front of the infinitive verb?


unfortunately there are not many rules! i was confused on it alot too. all the combinations of "verb + particular preposition + infinitive" we will have to memorise. the only rules are when not to use any preposition before the infinitive, and they anyway can help alot: 1) after modal verbs (voglio vedere) and sapere in its modal meaning (Luca non sa guidare) 2) in impersonal constructions (e' difficile capire; bisogna lavorare, etc) 3) after the following verbs: piacere (mi piace passeggiare), desiderare (desidero fare un viaggio), preferire (preferisco cenare fuori), amare, fare, gradire, lasciare, sentire, ascoltare, guardare, vedere (Lo vedevo entrare), osservare 4) in constructions "ecco + infinitive" (Eccolo arrivare)


I am confounded by this as well.


An answer to this question would clear up a lot.


Dear PemberleyOwner, that was a beautifully clear and complete explanation. How do we thank you enough?


oo considering i've opened this section in the early morning today and realised i don't know anything useful, and got obsessed with searching and torturing a native speaker, and now it is evening here and i cancelled all my appointments during the day, a time machine for me and a beer for him would do, thank you! :D


Would "Mia madre viene a mi prendere alle dieci." be correct Italian?


I am a little confused with the word order here, why "mi" comes before "viene"? Also, would it be correct to say "Mia madre viene a prendermi alle dieci"?


I'm with you there! The word order doesn't make sense to me either. "Mia madre mi viene…." seems to be saying "My mother comes to me to....". Meanwhile, attaching the object pronoun to the end of the infinitive is a perfectly typical and acceptable practice, so I don't get it.


I have reported "pick me up" and "collect me" as correct alternatives to the horrible "get me" several times, but DL insists! Both are still rejected on 30 March 2019. I want to learn Italian, not American English!


I have always been taught that the use of the verb "get" is preferably to be avoided. My Oxford Italian dictionary translates fetch as "andare a prendere". Here we have "to fetch" from the point of view of the person being fetched, so it makes sense to say "venire a prendere". I therefore submit that "my mother comes to fetch me at ten" is perfectly acceptable even though Duolingo rejects it in favour of the somewhat crude "get".


...and why: "My mother will pick me up at ten" is incorrect?


My mother is coming for me at ten. also rejected


has anyone tried "...comes to fetch me..."? 15Dec16


Yes, I said "is coming to fetch me" and it was rejected.


Stop trying to make 'fetch' happen. It's not going to happen!


(apologies for the Mean Girls reference, I literally could not stop myself)


I translated as "My mother takes me at ten" - was incorrect, but is this technically correct? Thanks!


Ah, my bad. Obviously ignoring "to come" is the larger problem here. Ha.


Fetch me instead of get me should have been accepted and in uk would probably be more acceptable.


My mother comes to get me at 10:00. should be correct. In English we don't express time as 10 or ten. We say 10:00 or ten o'clock.


My mother comes to get me at ten. would not be a preferred translation in UK english, "Pick me up" or "collect me" is more usual.


A note for DL - as another native English speaker, can I add my query to those already listed, as to why answers such as "comes to collect me", "comes to get me" or "comes to pick me up" should not be accepted. These are far more commonly used in everyday conversation


DL needs to stop this obsession with the words 'get' and 'got'. They're rubbish little words and often add nothing to the sentence (I'm thinking of the Have you a minute?/Have you got a minute? issue) or, as in this case, could be replaced with something way more specific and acceptable (to me anyway!)


Seriously Duo? "My mother comes to get me at 10am" is incorrect? Come on!


'My mother comes to collect me at ten' not acceptable for some reason?


I think "fetch me..." should also be accepted


'My mother comes to fetch me at ten' was not accepted, why?


Surely is coming should be accepted as well as comes, and in my Englush (I am a native speaker of Brit Eng) to get or to fetch a person are synonyms


I said "My mother came to get me at ten" and it was marked wrong. Why was it comes and not came? Can anyone tell me. I am sure it is a simple answer and one I will hit myself in the head about when I hear it.

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