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Suggestion: Vocabulary Search Improvement

Now that we have a Vocabulary Search box, can it please have a setting where I can write a word in English and it finds the word I'm looking for that's in my target language?

Sometimes I can't remember how to spell a word in another language, or I might not even know what the word is, I just know what it translates to in English.

Thank you.

May 18, 2013



As a terrible speller myself, I know exactly what you mean. I often find myself searching for the spelling of a word that I only remember vocally, which for french does not help much. But on the plus, the search path I take to eventually find the word, it becomes my mnemonic device, so I can remember it next time I see it (well not the next time exactly, as I told you I am a terrible speller, but strangely enough, I can remember the path, and the second time is faster to find the word, and after a couple more times, I eventually I remember the word as well) .


For quick reference from english to your target language, you can use an online dictionary, for example:

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