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"Diese Mädchen gehen noch in den Kindergarten."

Translation:These girls still go to kindergarten.

August 13, 2014



"These girls are still in kindergarten" was marked wrong. :|


Just learned kidergarten is an english word :)


A Kindergarten (nursery school) takes preschool children between the ages of three and five. The emphasis is on games, singing and group activities rather than the three Rs. This is designed to encourage children to develop their capabilities and powers of concentration at their own pace. Most Kindergärten are run by churches or local authorities. Attendance is voluntary and a fee is payable.


That's not the same as a kindergarten in the US at all.


In Oz we just say "kinder", dropping the garten. "My little daughter goes to kinder"


Am in Victoria, Australia; we have kindergartens, (that are not childcares), run by govt, and taking 4yr olds. It's one year before school. First year of school is never called kindergarten, that's "prep". And yes we just say kinder and drop the garten.


I've heard of kinder being the grade (My little daughter is in kinder year), but not something that the child goes to? Might be because I'm from NSW...?


Really, 'in Oz we call it kinder', ... Nah mate the word is Kindy. In Oz we love truncating and adding 'y' - ciggie, sickie...


What's wrong with 'these girls go to kindergarten still'?


Probably just needs to be reported and added to the list of accepted answers.


I am surprised so many people do not know the spelling of kindergarten in English. It has always been with a "t" and not "d".


"These girls walk still to kindergarten" is awkward in English.


The translation I came up with was, "These girls are still going to kindergarten", matching the given answer.


In the UK preschool children go to nursery, not kindergarten (or kindergarden). Duo won't accept it though.


"nursery school" has already been among the accepted solutions in many variants. I have added "nursery" now.

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