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Repetition ("Strengthening")

I've noticed that when you strengthen a skill, you strengthen it even when your answer is incorrect in an exercise. To prove this I took a skill which didn't have full strength and skipped questions until I ran out of hearts, then I checked the tree and boom, the skill had full strength.

What do you think about this? At first, I thought that it doesn't matter, I mean, as long as you're exposed to a certain phrase you're probably learning something from it, and indeed from whatever mistake you did. But on the other hand, maybe duolingo would be more effective if it actually kept record of which phrases you have difficulties with, so that these phrases could have a higher priority.

Of course, we're all here to learn, and "cheating" like this to strengthen skills doesn't make any sense, since we all just want to become better at whatever language that we're learning. But to make the learning process better, maybe it would be more useful if duolingo didn't "strengthen" our skills when we fail our exercises.

August 13, 2014



Really? That's really strange. I thought that never happened, but now that you have given some proof, then maybe they really need to fix this problem.

I came across this problem when I had the flashcards, (I would not cheat and click "Correct" on every single one) and then the ones I clicked "incorrect" on (the ones that I truly didn't know), and it strengthened to four bars in the words area when I went to check.

The next time I reviewed my flashcards, I came across the same words again, that I marked incorrect, and I still didn't know. And it happened again, and again. And what really frustrated me was that I kept on getting full bars on words I didn't even memorise.

If you don't have the Words tab or flashcards (yet, hopefully) how it works, is that there was a button that said "Review flashcards". So, it would show the, for example, a Spanish word, and then I'd take a minute and think of the translation in English, then I'd click the "enter" button, and it would show me the answer. If I had the same answer, then I'd click correct, and if I didn't have the same answer, then I'd click incorrect, and then the words would strengthen.

I still have my words tab, but the flashcard feature was removed for me, maybe because of those reasons, I don't know, because that method clearly didn't work for me, but some people still seem to have it.


I have had that happen to me, but I just lost hearts, I didn't skip. It's almost as if the skill shouldn't have been non-gold in the first place. The decay rate is pretty off anyway.


Even worse: If you do only one sentence (whether correct or incorrect), then exit, it strengthens. And I haven't even done 1/10 of the exercise yet!


This is still happening now. Even if you "fail" the exercise, the skill still strengthens!

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