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How do you say "for" in Latin? Please help!!

I tried looking it up in the translator and all I could get was architectis or in. How do you say for in Latin?

August 12, 2020



"For" in Latin can be translated by the dative case, accusative case, or w/ various prepositions or conjunctions, etc., depending on what you want to say. See a list here.

Don't despair—it's not as confusing as this may appear. The problem is that English doesn't translate one-to-one into other languages, and that English "for" means many things. Take a look at all of the meanings of "for" in a good English dictionary and you'll see that the difficulty starts with English. The dictionary I have here lists more than 20 definitions, and it is not unabridged but simply a collegiate dictionary.


You're welcome.

So the thing to do, if you haven't found the translation you need, is to post the phrase you want to translate and ask for translation suggestions.


It depends on how you're using it. The word "for" in English has many different meanings, each of which translates differently into Latin.


You can use dative which means something like "To somebody, for somebody". Then you can use time accusative in phrases like "for 2 years", just put "2 years" in accusative case. Also there is preposition "pro", which also means something like "for the advantage of", like "Pro patria" is "for the homeland" or "for the advantage of homeland".

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