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Challenge yourself

I thought it would be cool if their was a section on duolingo wear we could set a goal for ourselves to motivate us, maybe it could be called 'Challenge Yourself' and say we write 'get 100 points for 2 weeks' or what ever we want, and then if we reach master our challenge we get bonus points?

May 18, 2013



Interesting! I always find myself setting mental goals for Duolingo, but it would be nice to put it down somewhere. I'll bring this idea back to the team :)


That would be really neat, esp. if you struggle with a particular part, you can really make sure you're doing everything correctly to get the extra points:)


Yeah, I really like the way Khan Academy does Goals.... Maybe take some inspiration from that. Also I like the above idea of the points and if you follow through, you get bonus points. :D


uuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmm nice idea


I really like that idea. Having a goal set for yourself can help you learn a new language by pushing you into unknown areas or pushing you so that you reach you maximum potential.


Great. I do that mentally.


What a nice idea :D I also do it mentally all the time, but something more visual could help


Qué buena idea ;D


i love this concept and it will boost us to chase the goal

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