"Mi ha fatto aspettare."

Translation:He has made me wait.

August 14, 2014



Can this sentence also be, "it has made me wait"?

February 20, 2015


that should be fine too; however, i think it's more common to say that one person makes another person wait, rather than saying a thing (it) is performing the action

February 20, 2015


Is “She has made me wait“ also a possible translation?

November 13, 2015


I am almost 100% sure it can mean he, she or it has made me wait

March 11, 2016


Why not "He caused me to wait"?

August 14, 2014


I still don't understand the conjugation of the verbs in the past. Does "Mi ha fatto" apply to "me" of both genders, or if I am a woman, I should say "Mi ha fatta"?

November 29, 2016


In the case of “Mi ha fatto”, the direct object pronoun “mi” could be either gender.

The rule is when the auxilary verb is AVERE and the direct object pronoun is lo, la, li, le, ne the participle MUST agree in number and gender with the object.

If the direct object pronoun is mi, ti, ci, vi, agreement with the participle is OPTIONAL. In the case of “Mi ha fatta”, mi refers to a feminine object as indicated by fatta but this agreement is optional.

When the auxiliary verb is ESSERE the participle always agrees with the subject of the sentence.

March 24, 2017


Oh, so I may say about myself both "Mi ha fatto" and "Mi ha fatta", and both will be right, but for a man only "Mi ha fatto" will be correct?

March 28, 2017


Correct. Both "Mi ha fatto" and "Mi ha fatta", are grammatically correct for a female. But from what I have read, "Mi ha fatta" is seldom used.

April 3, 2017


Thank you, have a lingot

April 3, 2017


It sounds like she is saying Mi è or Mia...

May 16, 2016


Why is “It has made me wait“ not accepted?

October 5, 2018


So the verb 'fare' as 'to make' also has the meaning of forcing someone to do something? As in this example 'he made me do it'. Is that right?

December 9, 2018


He made me wait should be accepted.

March 18, 2019


He kept me waiting. Seems valuable to me?

June 12, 2019


I said "it" thinking of a late bus. Marked wrong.

June 18, 2019
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