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Word Translations

I wan't the translations of the words that I don't understand but it wont let me. What should I do?

August 14, 2014



Hi xlemany,

Your question was a little vague to me. I don't know if this has anything to do with the fact that you're taking the Dutch course, but that course has been having some technical difficulties lately.

Meanwhile, I'm not part of the tech team, but when you post here it is always a good idea to first use the search bar/scroll through a few pages to see if this question has already been asked/answered. Also, in the main body of your post, let staff know what operating system and browser you used when you encountered the difficulty. (For example, I'm using Windows 7/Firefox.). And if you're ever able to post a screen shot, that can help a lot too ^_^

Good luck!


The problem is actually in the German course and its the option to translate the words like for example I don't understand a word I put my mouse on it and it should show me the translation and it doesn't so I don't know if its just a problem in my computer FYI i'm using windows 7 and google chrome

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