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  5. "Yes, you're welcome."

"Yes, you're welcome."

Translation:Issa, biarvose.

August 13, 2020



Okay I'm so confused


About what part of it?


Are there two different terms for "welcome"? I think it was 'jiorno' once and 'biarvose' the other time.


My understanding is that each addresses a different usage of welcome in English, and High Valyrian handles them differently. In English, we say "Welcome" as a greeting. Jiōrna is used to do the same in Valyrian. For instance,

Jiōrna, Daenerys! Kesy ñuhon lenton issa. "Welcome, Daenerys! This is my home."

In English we also say "you're welcome" as a response to being thanked. Valyrian doesn't appear to have that meaning/role for the word jiōrna. Instead, Valyrians say biarvose.

Kirimvose, Tyrios! Kesy ēngenkor averilla issa! "Thank you, Tyrion! This is tasty wine!"
Biarvose! "You're welcome"

Biarvose is technically the instrumental form of biarves:

biarves [ˈbi͡arves]
n. 4sol. happiness, jubilation, luck, fortune ( < biare + -ves.)

The instrumental case, which you'll learn about later, is generally translated as "with," or with the sense of "by means of." So in this case, biarvose would translate literally to something like "with happiness."


Thank you so much! That clears up my confusion!

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